Anuel insults a fan with a blue wig in full concert

This is not the first time that the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Anuel AA is the target of criticism after his love break with the Colombian singer Carol G. Although a few weeks ago he married civilly with his new partner, the Dominican ‘Yailin The Most Viral’, He does not stop making harsh comments against the paisa that many describe as disrespectful.

At the end of March, a video went viral in which it is observed that the Puerto Rican had a heavy reaction against a DJ in a nightclub because he played the song ‘Mamiii’, by Carol G beside Becky G, Well, apparently, the singer can no longer stand or listen to the songs of his ex. “It’s nothing that I planned, he came as a surprise and I started playing all his music, but people were asking me for ‘Mamiii’ and the public is the boss”, commented at that time the person in charge of music in the place where he unexpectedly attended Anuel with his current wife.

Unlike Carol G. He tries to avoid in his concerts the collaborations they did together when they were dating, an act that many applaud the Colombian artist because they assure that it is a sample of how professional he is, while the reggaeton singer is branded as “immature” for his behavior every time something reminds the interpreter of ‘200 Cups’.

On this occasion, the Puerto Rican has once again given something to talk about by insulting a woman who was at one of his most recent concerts as part of his tour ‘Legends never die’ which took place in Spain because, according to him, he threw a bottle on stage with the intention of hurting him.

The scene was recorded in a video that has quickly gone viral due to how upset the Puerto Rican appears while performing his song. ‘Addicted’. In the images it is possible to see that an object passes very close to him after someone threw it at him. “Look! The one who is throwing that bottle at me has to be the silly one with the blue wig who wants to attract attention” He started saying upset about what had just happened. “I respect the public, but you have to respect me too, did you hear? That little wig and throwing a bottle at me ”, he added.

Click to watch the video. Photo: Instagram

In social networks they reject the words he used Anuel AA to address the woman who apparently reminded him of Carol G with his blue wig, as many of his followers consider that it was not the best way to act to handle this situation in his concert. “That’s not how someone speaks to you”, “wow! And as he knows it was the one with the blue wig, if he wasn’t looking that way”, “maybe the one with the wig wasn’t!”, say some comments.

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