Anuel AA, about to launch "I went on tour"warns other artists: "Cancel everything if you want to be number one"

There is less and less left for the new record work of Anuel AAthe EP I went on tour. An album of five songs that seems to be about to be released, as the Puerto Rican warned on his social networks with his latest post.

From a beach in Ibiza, the singer sent a message to the artists who are planning to release new music soon.

“It’s going to come out I went on tour, the little music that they were going to release or released, call your work team because I’m going to release I went on tour and whenever I go out I go number one,” commented the interpreter of “China” .

“Cancel everything if you want to try to be number one because I’m going to go out, and every time I go out I go number one,” he added.

In the description of the post, the Puerto Rican asked his fans: “What do I sell better? An album? Or a video talking shit?”

Despite the great announcement that Anuel AA gave, what most caught the attention of most users is the remarkable weight loss you have experienced. Some of the comments left on the comment board are:

“Don’t they feed you at Anuel’s house?”, “Throw yourself a good plate of food”, “My God, you’re dry son, don’t take off that chain that the wind is blowing” or “Daddy, stop that diet now, what From one moment to another you can disappear “.

The ragpicker is currently on tour in Spain, a tour in which he is accompanied by his wife yailin. During one of the concerts he offered in the country, the artist lived an unpleasant incident when a bottle was thrown at him from the public.

From the stage, the interpreter rebuked a woman wearing a blue wig and accused her of being the one who had tried to attack him.

“Look! Whoever is throwing that bottle at me has to be the fool with the blue wig who wants to attract attention,” said the artist. “I respect the public, but you have to respect me too, did you hear? That wig and throwing a bottle at me,” he added.

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