Anti-Cámpora Peronism mobilized in Mendoza

in this meeting the former minister participated of Defense of Alberto Fernandez, Agustin Rossi.

The one who stood up to this move is the former president of Peronism from Mendoza, Guillermo Carmonawho in a fiery speech and without directly naming any Kirchnerist leader, said that part of Peronism becomes opposition by not defending the National government.

“Being part of the problem is agreeing with the adversaries to win the internal election and then lose the general elections” Carmona released without any hesitation in front of the militants of different anti-k sectors

In addition to this move, there was a meeting of Women in Management, organized in San Rafael, in which the national deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz participated and one of the hosts was the legislator for Mendoza from the Félix sector, Liliana Paponet.

Strong statements by Carmona against Peronism that plays with the opposition

On fire as he has rarely been seen, the former president of the PJ at the local level, attacked the current leadership of the Mendoza PJ, which is represented by The Camporain the figure of Anabel Fernández Sagasti.

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Without openly naming the sector, He said that not only Together for Changewho brought the country to its knees for four years, it’s part of the problem.

“This Peronism that is here today wants to be part of the solution, because also being part of the problem, I want to say it frankly, is problematizing when you have to be part of the solution”.

Since then, He pointed directly to the internal one that the Kirchnerist sector has currently raised against Alberto Fernández.

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“Being part of the problem is criticizing inflation, when the Secretary of Commerce was put by your political space, trying to throw the ball at the president, the Minister of Economy Martín Guzmán and the Government of the Frente de Todos that you are also a member of.”

“Be part of the problem,” he continued. it is not having done in three years a provincial campaign with the flag of the National government, then we wonder why Peronism in Mendoza does not measure”

But maybe the strongest part of your speech was to accuse the part of Peronism to which he does not belong – that is, the Cámpora sector – of making agreements with the opposition so that the party loses.

“Being part of the problem is also agreeing with our adversaries to win the internship in the province and then lose in the general elections,” Carmona said.

Besides, gave figures of how Peronism has been losing followers. “In 2015 we got 40% of the votes, although it was not enough to win. In it 2019, we fell to 34% And in the last electionsPeronism obtained the 26%. It means that something is happening mates”,

Finally, he urged all those who were gathered – the National Current of Militancy, the Evita movement, the Our America movement, Carlos Sosa, representative of the union sector and legislators with a completed mandate – to meet to seek options.

The Félix sector organized an event with Victoria Tolosa Paz

ANDBetween this meeting and the one organized by the Félix sector, in the south, there was an intercommunication by teleconference. In San Rafael, the motto was “Women in Management and Politics”led by the national deputy Victoria Tolosa Paz and which brought together some 350 women from the Front of All.

The theme wasDiscuss the importance of women’s participation in strategic roles in public management.

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Women of Peronism in San Rafael.

Women of Peronism in San Rafael.

Courtesy press FDT

Between the national officials who joined, are Marisol Merquel (President of the National Council for Social Policies), Mary Higonet (Undersecretary of Boarding of the Ministry of Habitat), Maria Pia Villarino (director of Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Public Works) and Cecilia Gomez Miranda and Brenda Kechiyan (members of the Chief of Cabinet)

At the meeting, the participation of San Rafael women in important positions of government management was valuedas well as local representation in both the national and provincial legislatures.

“I am very happy to be in Mendoza, in this case in San Rafael accompanied by so many women who work every day to achieve a better Argentina,” explained deputy Tolosa Paz, who also highlighted “the importance of being able to bring national policies closer to the territory.” .

“Today, where some are trying to install anti-politics, we believe that more citizen participation and more women in decision-making positions are necessary to continue advancing in the transformation that Argentina needs,” concluded Tolosa Paz.

National deputy Liliana Paponet, host of the event, also spoke, stating that they were able to share enriching management experiences and gain in-depth knowledge of the tools used by colleagues who work in the National government.

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