Anses will deliver an extra bonus: who will collect it and how much money it will be

The economic difficulties that citizens are going through were reflected in the result of the PASO elections and that is why the government of Alberto Fernández has a series of economic measures ready to shore up the purchasing power of the most vulnerable sectors. The instrument to implement them will be the National Administration of Social Security (Anses) who in the next few hours will announce the delivery of an extra bonus that will benefit millions.

The distribution of this extra bonus would not be the only tool with which Anses will seek to mitigate the 40% of the poor in the country since it would also launch a new Emergency Family Income (IFE), although for a universe of people much more limited than in 2020.

The extra bonus from Anses will be intended exclusively for retirees, but occasionally for those who receive up to two minimum salaries. The minimum retirement currently is $ 25,922, a figure below the indigence line according to Indec. That is why the financial aid that will be delivered by the organization that Fernanda Raverta continues to lead will be for those who receive a credit below $ 51,844.

The objective of this extra bonus from Anses would be to shore up the purchasing power of retirees who earn the least, but sources close to the Government assured that it will be a single payment, as happened with the $ 1,500 and $ 5,000 that have already been delivered to the lowest retirements in the world. system. Now, the benefit to be granted would be about $ 6,000.

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