ANSES pays bonus of $18,000: How to get the Social Security Key to be able to collect the Income Reinforcement?

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) will continue with the payment of $18,000 bonus, which is interrupted by the two holidays of the long weekend that started this Friday.

While MY ANSES reported through that next week will continue with the payment schedule, it is important to remember that in order to access the payment, the pension agency had to go through the economic evaluation first.

Last Wednesday the 15th began the schedule for the second part of the bonus, of $9,000, aimed at Unregistered informal workers, domestic workers and monotributistas of categories (A and B) who have a CBU and a Social Security Code.

It is worth remembering that the collection of the bond is compatible with the Universal Child Allowance (AUH), the Universal Pregnancy Allowance (AUE), the Unemployment Benefit, the Progresar scholarships, the Accompany program, and with the provincial and municipal food plansamong other ANSES coverage.

ANSES pays $18,000 bonus: how do I access the payment

At the time of completing the registration, the applicants for the Income Reinforcement had to have the CBU number and the Social Security Code.

In this sense, the ANSES reports that this key is “the password that allows you to carry out procedures and queries easily and safely, from your computer or cell phone, without having to go to an office.”

Step by step: how to get the Social Security Code

– Think of a password between 8 and 12 characters, with at least one number.

– Enter MY ANSES and put the option “Create your password”.

– Accept the security policies and then enter the CUIL number.

– Write the procedure number of your DNI and correctly answer the security questions about personal data.

– With all this, you can now write the created Social Security Code.

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