Ángel Di María left a strong clue about his future new team

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In the last few days, Angel Di Maria has been linked to the Juventus from Italy, a club that would be willing to add him for next season.

And the same Ángel Di María gave a strong cluewhich would indicate that his future is in the old lady.


Ángel Di María would leave PSG and move to Italy, to play for Juventus.

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Ángel Di María and a “like” to Juventus

Angel Di Maria did not hesitate to put a “I like it” to one juventus post and fueled rumors of a possible transfer.

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On Instagram, Juventus presented the shirt they will wear in the 2022/23 season and the noodle gave the note with a like.


Ángel Di María did not hesitate.  and gave a "like" to a post from Juventus.

Ángel Di María did not hesitate and gave a “like” to a Juventus publication.

Juventus, penultimate step for Ángel Di María

The idea of Juventus is to count on Angel Di Maria in your squad for next season.

This could materialize with the possible departure of the also Argentine paulo dybalawho would not continue in the Turin club at the end of the transfer market.

And as revealed by the Angel Di Mariaplaying one more season in Europe would be his purpose, before go around Argentina.

Everything indicates that, by joining the Juventus and play a season, pack your bags and start your farewell on Central Rosary.

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