‘Ángel David was a noble, helpful boy, all we want is to bring him back’

As a noble, helpful, intelligent child with a big heart, this is how his family describes Ángel David Flores Treviño, who intended to enter Medicine this year, but some bullets ended his short life.

“He had an impressive light, he was a child that many people loved him very much, for his nobility, for his joy, for his charisma, he was a healthy child, he was a very helpful child, he was always there for others“, Elvira Treviño, the young man’s aunt, said in an interview for El Siglo de Torreón.

MORE INFORMATION The Government of Durango will support the relative of a minor from Lagunero murdered in the United States

In the midst of the pain of having lost their youngest son, his parents now struggle to bring his body home to Gómez Palacio, but the procedures of the neighboring country of the United States have not allowed it.

Today the governor of Durango, José Rosas Aispuro Torres, promised to provide all the support so that Ángel is back in his country and in his city.

“I spoke with my sister in the morning, they have no news, the person consulted today was going to go but I think it is a holiday there and they did not open it, they have no news from the FBI, the only thing they know is that they are not going to give them the body until the investigations are finished, there is no answer anywhere”commented.

Regarding the support promised by the governor, he said that “they are looking precisely at this issue with Governor Aispuro to see how he can support us to speed up the transfer, but what is from Tijuana to here. He said they were looking to get it to Gómez Palacio , to streamline all procedures,” he said.

Elvira Treviño commented that For 15 days, Ángel had been vacationing in Los Angeles together with his parents, whose return was planned for this Monday, June 20, however, the airline changed the date for Wednesday.

“They had gone to the United States for about 15 days, they were on vacation, since I was about to finish high school and because I was going to go to medical school, they went on vacation,” he shared.

Given the difficulties they have faced, the relatives of Ángel David launch a call to the federal authorities to demand justice for what happened to him.

“That they support us in so many procedures so that the body can be in Gómez Palacio as soon as possible and be able to be with them united, sharing their pain, and then giving the child a Christian burial, all we want is to have him in Gómez Palacio,” demanded his aunt.

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