Anabel Fernández Sagasti denied Viviana Canosa who accused her of going on vacation to the Caribbean

From Turkey, where he is participating in a Global Conference organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, with legislative representatives from various countries, Fernández Sagati expressed: “Faced with false and ill-intentioned versions about alleged vacations in a beach destination, Viviana Canosa, I reiterate the information that I shared through this same network about the Global Conference in which I participate and organize IPUP Parliament.”

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In addition, Anabel expanded: “The work agenda also includes meetings with Chambers of Commerce and Tourism with commercial interest for the province of Mendoza.”

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What Canosa said about Anabel

After talking about the President and the Vice President, Canosa attacked the head of the Mendoza PJ, with strong concepts. “Let’s talk now about one of Cristina’s favorite girls: Anabel Fernandez Sagasti“, Canosa shot and then read a graphic on the screen: “Here we can see the Kirchnerist senator Anabel Fernandez Sagasti (Cristina’s spokeswoman) working for poverty, inflation and insecurity. Oh no? He’s going to the Caribbean while the country is collapsing and they don’t want them to know. Sorry guys, my bad.”

Then the driver continued: “They are the kings of the story. Oh the poor! Surely when he returns from the Caribbean, he will talk about the poor. It is the first thing he will do when he sits down to speak again at a press conference “.

Canosa went even further when analyzing: “The country catches fire: hunger, inflation, corruption, insecurity. A kind of assortment of kilombo but they don’t care about anything. He goes to the Caribbean because everything sucks an egg out of them.”

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Viviana Canosa was dispatched  against Anabel Fernández Sagasti, but based on wrong information.

Viviana Canosa was dispatched against Anabel Fernández Sagasti, but based on wrong information.

And he finished: “The senator is not going to tell me that she is stressed if the senators do nothing. They go to the Senate when they want to just screw around. Some have to get away but the majority do not work. What day are we, are you going on vacation in June? I don’t eat much a weekend on the coast, you don’t have money to go to the Caribbean. They do, they go with yours, with the herd of assholes, but the poor people make me very sorry. And they cover their mugs well so they don’t recognize them.”

The truth is that Viviana Canosa started from a wrong data of the Twitter user Diego Alzaga Unzue, of whom the Chequedo organization published that It could be a fictitious name and whose posts are generally against Kirchnerism. One of those publications was made when Fernández Sagasti began his tour of Europe and Álzaga Unzué said that he had gone to the Caribbean.

of facts, dozens of users joined the criticism as a result of this tweet without wanting to know the true destiny of Fernández Sagasti and the real reasons for his six-day trip.

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Fernandez Sagasti in Europe

The national senator of the Front of All was first in Rome, Italy, and then in Istanbul, Turkey. In Italy, she participated in Malbec Day, an event organized by CREA (Consiglio per la ricerca in agricoltura e l’analisi dell’economia agrarian) and the Argentine Embassy in Italy. In this activity, commercial and tourist promotion of Mendoza was carried out.

In Turkey Fernández Sagasti intervenes in the Global Conference organized by the Parliamentary Union together with legislators from different countries to “exchange experiences and enrich ourselves with the different regional and global processes”, as she herself explained.

He will also meet with the Chamber of Turkish Travel Agencies and with authorities of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce with whom he will carry out a protocol meeting on the exportable offer from Mendoza.

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