AMLO rules out food shortages in Mexico due to inflation

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador ruled out food shortages in the country derived from world inflation and announced that his government is working on other additional actions aimed at reducing food prices.

In his morning conference this Monday at the National Palace, López Obrador assured that there is food in the country and announced that he will visit the government’s fertilizer plants to accelerate production to increase food production.

“We are dealing with the issue of food supply, there is no problem, we have food in the country, and we have enough merchandise,” said.

López Obrador pointed out that the producers, distributors and merchants have complied with the agreement with the federal government to maintain the prices of a basic basket.

“There is a price control in food. In the case of energy there is no problem in terms of supply and in terms of price. I would tell them that the prices of gasoline, gas, diesel and electricity will be maintained We already made that decision.”

Regarding food, President López Obrador said that his government is carrying out actions, such as the agreement with food producers, distributors and merchants.

“Since the agreement was made, it has been respected and we have achieved good results“, he stressed.

He added that this year, his government intended to benefit 800,000 producers with free fertilizers: “I am going to tour the fertilizer plants that we inherited in very poor condition because they are the plants of corruption, so we are repairing them and I am going to be in Cosoleacaque, Coatzacoalcos and Lázaro Cárdenas; only in the plants because we are going to increase the production of fertilizer to produce more food”.

He indicated that tariffs were removed to import food from around the world.

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