AMLO assures that in the Judiciary there is “notoriously” more impunity

MEXICO CITY (GH).- The president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that although there is less impunity in the Country, it is in the power of attorney where “notoriously” still exists.

There is undoubtedly less impunity, but where there is still notoriously more impunity, protection, is in the case of the Judiciary to release people who commit crimes and who in the end are found to be innocent and are released because the investigation was poorly integrated or for any excuse. any pretense that turns out they get very, very legalistic,” he said.

Lopez Obrador indicated that it is a “structural” problem that must be attended to.

“A reform is needed, you can leave the Judiciary in that sense. It is not in the spirit of undermining the credibility of the Judiciary, it cannot be generalized, it is in some cases, but this problem continues to arise and no investigation process is initiated and the judiciary is for that,” he said.

The executive powerhe specified, cannot intervene and “neither can the legislature.”

AMLO assures that in the Judiciary there is “notoriously” more impunity. Photo: Screenshot

Government does not protect any group

The president stated that his administration fails to protect organized crime groups.

“There is no protected group. Whoever commits a crime is punished, there are no agreements, ”she assured.

Lopez Obrador added that this helps crime members be clear that “impunity is not allowed”.

“That they are not going to tell them: ‘don’t worry, nothing is going to happen.’ It is already something different and hopefully the same message is transmitted in the states, because this helps a lot, ”he said.

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