AMLO asks supporters to organize for march

With a lot of confidence and even with black humor during his morning talk. This was shown yesterday by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), who even ironized by pointing out that there are so many “carried” who will participate in the march next Sunday, November 27for his four years in charge of the Presidency, that there are no trucks to transport them.

“Regarding the commemoration of Sunday, there are so many transported that there are no more trucks, the people are very enthusiastic.” In a meeting with the media in the Palace, President López Obrador asked all his supporters to organize themselves to participate in the mobilization that will leave the Ángel de la Independencia to the Zócalo in Mexico City.

“That they organize themselves and see how they come together, that is very carefully, slowly, that they rest a day before, well, no alcohol.” The president reiterated that the march is a celebration because among all of us we have managed to start the transformation of Mexico and there are good results.

“People feel it that way, that’s how they see it,” he stressed. The newspaper “El Universal” announced that Governors, officials, leaders and legislators of Morena, PT and Verde prepare the transport of militants and citizens from different States of the country to participate in the march that the president will lead.

For the transfer of militants and citizens, officials and state leaders of Morena from at least seven states (Tabasco, Oaxaca, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Baja California, Tlaxcala and Mexico City) will support trucks for the mobilization of people.

The President explained that for Sunday they will be organized by contingents and will be divided by states that will march in alphabetical order.

He presumed that everything he has done in four years of government will be discussed in detail and it will take about five hours.

Will define name of your policy

AMLO announced that next Sunday he will theoretically define how to name the political, economic and social model that his government is carrying out.

“I am going to define how we could theoretically name the political, economic and social model that we are carrying out in Mexico, because it is not neoliberalism, nor is it, as our adversaries say, populism.”

President López Obrador said that he will march accompanied by his family, although he pointed out that he does not know if his older children will attend because he is “voluntary.” He pointed out that it is not just about commemorating the four years since his arrival in the Presidency of Mexico, but because there are policies that are applied in Mexico that are not applied elsewhere.

He stressed that there are governments that give and others that take away, but the government of the Fourth Transformation is a government that “gives” even if they call it “populism or communism.”

The universal

“Shameless hauling”: Marko Cortés

In his social networks, the national leader of the PAN, Marko Cortés, explained that “from the authentic social march of November 13 we will go to the shameless government and clientelist hauling of the 27th”.

He said the difference is that In the first, people went out of conviction, and in the second, “they will be forced and threatened with losing social support.”The PAN leader described López Obrador’s attitude as “childish” and reiterated his support for the INE and his rejection of the electoral reform.

The universal

“Disinterested” citizens have promoted Sunday’s march with billboards and billboards in the country’s capital. THE UNIVERSAL

Morena reinforces her commitment to replace the INE

The Political-Electoral Reform, Constitutional Points and Governance and Population commissions of the Chamber of Deputies presented yesterday the electoral reform opinion, whose main axis are the proposals of the initiative sent by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador since last 28 of April.

The project contemplates replacing the National Electoral Institute (INE) with the National Electoral and Consultation Institute (INEC), reducing the number of deputies from 500 to 300 and the number of senators from 128 to 96.

It also establishes that the INEC advisers and magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judiciary (TEPJF) be proposed by the three Powers of the Union and elected by popular vote in open elections.

It stipulates that the president and advisers of the INEC will last six years in office and may not be reelected. The one who receives the most votes will occupy the presidency and will be elected on the first Sunday of August of the corresponding year. For the nomination of the candidates, the President will choose 20, the SCJN 20, the federal deputies 10 and the senators another 10.

It also cuts the number of INEC councilors from 11 to seven and establishes public financing for political parties only for electoral campaigns; it proposes a reduction to 30 minutes a day of political propaganda on radio and television, and decreases participation in a popular consultation from 40% to 33% in order for it to be binding; eliminates local electoral bodies and implements electronic voting.

In the transitory articles, it states that the INEC “will fully replace the INE” and that the members of the General Council of the latter “will cease their functions when the election of the members of the INEC General Council is declared and they protest” , while in the case of the TEPJF it orders that as of the protest surrender of the magistrates of the upper chamber of the Court “those who currently hold said positions will cease their duties”.

It adds that at the same time “the electoral courts of the federative entities will be dissolved and their respective assets and human resources will be assigned to the corresponding local government.”

For his part, the President of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, considered that there is ignorance about how the INE works, so that the legislative proposals “from my point of view, there is a deep ignorance and ignorance of how the INE works.

“Whoever believes that training structures can do the same as organizational structures in an electoral process, simply and simply does not know how the electoral system works, at least with the current rules”, he stated at the end of his participation in the international Forum: journalism and electoral integrity.

The reasons
What does the government celebrate?

  • President López Obrador points out that the march will be to inform and “celebrate” the achievements of his government, including:
  • That 12 million older adults already receive a pension.
  • That there is an equitable distribution of income.
  • That increased the wages of workers.

Deputies say:

“This project disappears from the INE, this project undermines our democratic system, it is aimed at limiting popular representation, centralizing electoral processes and creating a system for multi-member elections.”

Salvador Caro from MC

“The integration of the commissions to dictate an electoral reform is a mockery, because they did what they wanted. This is a retrograde reform that will take us to the authoritarian past where the government organized and qualified the elections, that is why we anticipate that it will not happen.

Elizabeth Perez of the PRD

“The ruling is unconstitutional. There is talk of agreements, with whom were agreements reached? Neither the legislators of the PRI, PAN, PRD nor MC participate in the integration of this project, so I announce that the PAN is not going to accompany this project that proposes to weaken the INE”.

Humberto Aguilar of the PAN

“In a firm, categorical, forceful and defined way, I point out that the PRI will not approve, endorse or support any reform that means a setback to what the citizens of our country have built for years. Whatever the cost of opposing it would be less than what would be paid if we gave in to this cause.”

PRI’s Alejandro Moreno

“This commission considered it pertinent to take as its axis the initiative of the President of the United Mexican States, presented on April 28 of this year, since it has the greatest coverage of subsystems and delves into a necessary change.”

Graciela Sanchez de Morena



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