American swimmer faints in full demonstration at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest

A worrying fact starred the American swimmer Anita Álvarez who at the World Cups in Budapest, after vanishing in the middle of the act, where he gave his sample in the final of only free of artistic swimming.

The impressive fact has become viral, after the quick and timely action of his coach, the Spanish Andrea Fuentes, who did not wait to come to her aid when she saw her unconscious at the bottom of the pool.

Upon being rescued, Álvarez was taken on a stretcher to receive the corresponding care, and later her team revealed that she was out of danger, although she will undergo tests to determine the cause of the loss of consciousness that almost cost her her life.

The synchronized swimmer was rescued by her coach. Photo: EFE

However, despite the good news of the athlete’s current good condition, the International Swimming Federation (FINA) announced today that it will review the current regulations that prevent lifeguards from intervening without a signal from the refereeafter they did not react in time on Wednesday to assist the swimmer Álvarez, who was in serious danger by fainting in the water, which her coach did.

In a statement, FINA revealed that the lifeguards hired to work in the world swimming championships can only take action after authorization from the referees, which is why Fuentes was faster than them, according to information from the Spanish agency EFE.

After signaling to the lifeguards without their reacting, the coach jumped into the pool to rescue her pupil. Later, she told the press that the rescuers had been paralyzed.

According to the regulations, (the lifeguards) can only jump into the pool after receiving a signal from the referees.”indicated the director of the world health service, Bela Merkely.

This is a restriction imposed to avoid interruptions of the competition programs “in case of a possible misunderstanding”he explained, although Merkely admitted that, in Wednesday’s episode, the referees did not react immediately.

Video of the rescue of Anita Álvarez. Photo: Twitter @Alejandrisky

After the coach jumped into the pool, the lifeguards, seeing the situation, no longer waited for the signal from the judges and intervened.”he added.

It should be remembered that this is not the first time that the swimmer has collapsed in the pool, since last year she had to overcome the same situation in Barcelona in an Olympic competition.

Álvarez, despite the uncertainty of his health, is part of the team he represents in the final.

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