Amazon is looking for Argentines and pays up to $550,000 per employee: How to sign up and what positions are requested?

amazon, the giant of electronic commerce and communication services, continues to spread throughout the world and our country is not exempt from it. So much so that, during the last few hours, it was published on the website of the company founded by the businessman Jeff Bezoswhich seeks to fill vacancies in several jobs with the intention of strengthening the team in our country.

The search fundamentally it aims to hire people who can work full time, and although the items it offers are of different kinds, human resources specialists estimate that an employee can earn between 179 thousand and 550 thousand pesos per month.

It was also known that the firm, founded in 1994, not only applied for the search in the Argentinabut also has vacancies in other countries of our continent and in other latitudes of the world.

It should be noted that, according to the latest ranking of the most expensive brands in the worldcarried out by the British consultancy, kantarThe company of USA it is the third most expensive on the planet, with a value of 705 million dollars. The list is headed by Manzanavalued at 947 million, while in second place is Googlevalued at 820 million.

What jobs does Amazon offer?

The range of possibilities regarding work areas in the company is wide. Some of the categories that need staff are “Software Development”, “Sales, Advertising and Account Management”; “Project Management”, “Commercial Development”, “Human Resources” and “Marketing”, among others.

In turn, within these categories are positions such as “Sales Account Manager”, Commercial Operations Manager”, “Senior Data Architect”, “Systems Development Engineer”, and Enterprise Accounts Engineer”.

How to sign up?

The company has vacancies in several positions.

If you want to submit a job application to the US company, applicants can search for the firm’s profile at LinkedIn or on the jobs portion of their website. There they are well detailed description of each position and the number of requirements basic and desired that must be had to be considered.

To access through the page, the applicant must create an account and log in to Amazon Jobs to then complete a form and send the Curriculum Vitae. If the process will be LinkedInyou must also have an account, search the company profile and apply for the job in order to share the CV.

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