Although her health improves, Rebecca Jones will not return to Cabo and Azela Robinson replaces her

A few days ago, it circulated on social networks that Rebecca Jones would no longer return to the soap opera, Cabo, and would be replaced by Azela Robinson, something that was confirmed yesterday.

To clarify rumours, Prensa Danna, the agency that handles Jones’ advertising, mentioned that the first actress will return to her artistic work until she recovers 100 percent.

“The general public and the media are hereby informed that, although her health is improving remarkably day by day, Mrs. Rebecca Jones has decided, on medical instructions, not to return to her activities until she is fully discharged and can offer its audience 100% of its acting capacity, as it has always done”mentioned the letter.

In the same, Grupo Televisa, José Alberto Castro and all his team who have been with her in the successful telenovela Cabo were thankedas well as Jones’s fans and colleagues, for the support they have given him.

For your part, youLevisa sent another statement confirming Rebecca’s departure and Azalia’s entry.

“The production of Cabo confirms that, for health reasons, the first actress Rebecca Jones, who plays the character of “Lucía” in Cabo, will withdraw from the production, but her character will continue to be part of the plot of this telenovela.”

It is read that the actress He decided to withdraw from production because, although he shows significant health advances, his doctors recommended that he rest completely to continue with his recovery process, which makes it impossible for him to reintegrate himself into the Cabo recordings.

“The production of Cabo widely recognizes the professionalism of Rebecca Jones and fully supports the decision made by her doctors, so that the actress achieves a speedy and full recovery. The priority is her health ”.

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