Almost half of the drivers do not use a seat belt on the routes of Corrientes

Despite the efforts of the Corrientes Police and the cutting-edge technology implemented by vehicle manufacturers, half of drivers do not use a seat belt.

The non-use increases not only in the drivers, but also in the companions and grows even more in the rear passengers.

Despite the fact that car companies have also become strict and force drivers through their units to use the seat belt by emitting constant sounds inside the units, now drivers not only do not use it but also “fasten” the seat belt buckle. belt only to deactivate the alert produced by the vehicle.

This Friday the Corrientes Police carried out security, prevention and awareness operations on the Routes.

This Friday, the Corrientes Police carried out an operation to safety, prevention and awareness in road controls. Said works were carried out by the personnel of the General Directorate of Road Safety – Traffic and Highways in the National and Provincial Routes that exist in the province of Corrientes, all within the framework of Integral Security works.

Despite all this, drivers ignore the indications and even drive without respecting the rules established by Law 24,449.

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