All the deputies of Santa Cruz would vote in favor of Alcohol Cero

From noon the Congress began to debate a series of projects that were agreed between the ruling party and the opposition.

But the one that perhaps generates the greatest expectation is Zero alcohol to drive. as posted WeatherSouthit is about the modification of an article of the Traffic Law 24,449more precisely 48, which allows up to 0.5mg/l of alcohol for the driver.

The opinion by majority agreed two weeks ago in the Internal Security Commission of the Chamber of Deputies of the Nation, could be the beginning of a path that causes one of the most important cultural changes in Argentina.

This Commission was attended by various NGOs that for decades have been demanding the norm, which in Santa Cruz was promoted by María Sanz, from the Provincial Road Safety Agency in 2014. (There is a minority opinion that corresponds to the radical Jimena Latorre, representative of Mendoza -wine region- and suggests maintaining 0.5 g/l of alcohol in the blood, but with tougher penalties and sanctions for those offenders who do not comply with the regulations).

Santa Cruz has this law, but it is only in force for routes, although there are several municipalities that adhered to it, not all of them did.

In fact, in Río Gallegos, the ordinance was never treated in the facility, being promoted 10 years ago. (Las Heras, Caleta Olivia, 28 de Noviembre, Rio Turbio, are some of the towns that incorporated zero tolerance).

The national deputies for Santa Cruz would vote in favor of this norm. For the block of the Frente de Todos, it was confirmed by deputy Gustavo González and his partner Jorge Verón. Roxana Reyes also confirmed to WeatherSouth endorsement of the law. And only Claudio Vidal’s response was missing.

The rule

Article 1.- Subsection “a)” of article 48 of Law 24,449 is replaced by the following:

“a) It is prohibited to drive with physical or mental impediments, without the corresponding special license, having consumed narcotics or medications that reduce the ability to drive. Likewise, it is prohibited to drive any type of vehicle with a blood alcohol level greater than 0 (ZERO) milligrams per liter of blood. The competent authority will carry out the respective control using the appropriate method approved for this purpose by the health agency.

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