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(In context: Two leaders of the Eln and the dissidents are captured in Cali and Arauca)

Alexander Lozada Ramírez, alias Monocuco, a noted member of the dissidents, fell in Arauca capital.

On the other hand, after a joint operation by the Army, the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office, in the capital of Valle del Cauca Fidel Claudio Silva, alias Simón, was captured, who would be head of the Eln’s Western War Front. What is the criminal history of this ringleader?

According to information from the authorities, Fidel Claudio Silva is the head and ideologue of the Eln, considered one of the historical and representative leaders of this guerrilla for his criminal record of 40 years.

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Moment of the capture of Fidel Claudio Silva, alias Simón, in Cali.


Prosecutor and Police

He was captured in 2005 for the crime of rebellion, when he served as commander of the ‘Bolsheviks of Lebanon’. According to information from the authorities, ‘Simón’ was the author of multiple kidnappings in northern Tolima and extortive charges merchants and ranchers from the municipalities of Libano, Villahermosa, Murillo and Santa Isabel (in the same department).

In 2016, he was appointed as the ideological leader of the ‘Western War Front’, “in charge of pseudo-political indoctrination within the fronts and companies;
in addition to direct the expansion of the structure towards urban centers of Antioquia, Valle del Cauca and the Coffee Region, in order to strengthen the clandestine urban cells of the ELN in these areas of the country,” the authorities explained.

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In 2020, on the instructions of the then ringleader alias Fabián or ‘Rosembert’ (who died in Cali last year), he was appointed the “supervision of the finances of the war front” and the direction of the so-called “School of Militants” in the department of Chocó.

According to the authorities, after the extradition of alias Carlitos or ‘Emiliano’ (a member of the ‘Western War Front’), the central command gave him the responsibility of consolidate ELN influence in the Pacific regionseeking to interconnect the Western and Southwestern fronts, in addition to reactivating the ‘Central War Front’.

Likewise, it was learned that from the cities of Cali and Ibagué it made progress in “addressing groups with radical tendencies and support networks for Eln terrorism.”

the order of capture of alias Simón for the crime of aggravated rebellion was Issued
by the Second Promiscuous Municipal Court of Istmina (Chocó), in charge of the specialized prosecutor’s office 85 against organized crime of Pereira (Risaralda).

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