Alias ​​Negro Ober: who is the ringleader who extorted money from prison – Crimes – Justice

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dark black‘ is the prisoner who has generated indignation and alert in the Atlantic after the “unheard of” message was known, as the authorities described it, which he sent to extort money from a victim from a Barranquilla prison.

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This man is designated as the ringleader of the ‘Rastrojos Costeños’, who commit crimes in Barranquilla, other municipalities of Atlántico and areas of the Caribbean Coast.

According to the Police investigation, Martínez Gutiérrez would be, together with the neutralized alias Víctor Carlos and ‘Tommy Masacre’, the person responsible for the extortion and crimes against businessmen and public service drivers in Barranquilla.

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The man was required to answer for the crimes of conspiracy to commit a crime, extortion, terrorism, homicide; and trafficking, possession of firearms and/or ammunition.

Some of the facts for which he is being investigated are the murder by contract killer of Ender Javier Vallejo García, assassinated on May 9, 2021 in Soledad, Atlántico; as well as the shots fired at a driver from the Sobusa company in Soledad, on September 2, 2021.

Likewise, for the death, on September 7 of last year, of another driver from the Sobusa company. It is also pointed out by a threatening pamphlet from the ‘Rastrojos Costeños’ against the commerce sector, the Sobusa company and drivers, which circulated on September 10, 2021.

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A day later, ‘Black Ober’ would have launched a grenade of fragmentation to the Colitoral public transport company, and on September 14 he would have been behind an intimidating video broadcast on social networks.

In addition, according to the Police, this ringleader would also be responsible for shooting a driver of the Coochofal public transport company on September 17, as well as injuries, also by firearm, against a driver of the Lolaya public transport company. , on September 23, 2021.

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