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At least 13 police officers and three civilians were killed, while 80 percent of the town was left in ruins. That was one of the actions commanded by Elda Neyis Mosquera García, alias Karina, one of the women who reached the highest rank in the disappeared FARC guerrillawho will be sentenced by the Justice and Peace Chamber.

The former leader of the former FARC made an acknowledgment before the Truth Commission, in a documentary, last year.


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According to the ruling, “the war has its rules, deliberately forgotten by the members of the Farc, when they attacked populations, consummating through incursions and guerrilla seizures, massacres, recruitment, gender violence, abortions and forced planning, inhuman treatment, displacement , homicides, torture, kidnappings, among others”.

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In addition to ‘Karina’, among those convicted are Denis Sierra, alias Samir; Nelson Antonio Cuartas, alias the Fox; Marcos Fidel Giraldo, alias Throat; Pedro Luis Pino, alias Martin; Fabio Aguirre Aguirre, alias Caliche; Virgilio de Jesús Guzmán, alias Walter; Jesus Alberto Giraldo, alias Miguel; and Edison de Jesús Rúa, alias la Seca.

The war has its rules, deliberately forgotten by the members of the Farc, when they attacked towns, consummating through guerrilla takeovers, massacres (…) among others: Superior Court

“It follows then that between 1996 and 2012, there was a high number of kidnappings –7,181–, of which 1,891 victims paid” a total of more than 3.6 billion pesos. “There is no doubt that this was one of the most significant and lucrative sources of income for the structure, holding citizens illegally, then incurring exuberant charges (kidnapping for ransom) that allowed their freedom,” reads the decision. of the court.

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It is worth remembering that this mechanism –created for the demobilization of the paramilitaries of the Auc, and that also opened the door to some guerrillas– was the transitional justice model prior to the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), to which the robed man referred in his presentation.

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The unprecedented cynicism and criminal attitude on the part of these GAOML, guerrillas in general and the FARC for the specific casebegin to be glimpsed thanks to Justice and Peace, where criminals and former members of said illegal groups were effectively deprived of their liberty (…) exposing countless truths, which unfortunately were a priori frustrated or truncated with the promulgation of the Law 1820 of 2016, which allowed said criminals to migrate to the JEP, leaving the truth and reparation until now in legal limbo,” said the magistrate.

For now, The ruling is expected to be read no later than June 7when the convictions of the nine ex-guerrillas postulated will be known.

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