Alfredo Morelos could say goodbye to Scottish Rangers, to arrive at Spanish football

Alfred Morelos player of the Colombian national team, who plays for the Scottish Rangerswhere he has been able to shine in the league of that country with annotations, talent and assists, something that has been appreciated by the fans who request him among the starters in each commitment and who look forward to his permanence for what is to come in the next season in Europe.

However, the Colombian striker has shown his interest in starting from new horizons to what he has called a “bigger league”, even talking about a possible destination for the coffee attacker.

A great opportunity in Spanish soccer would be presented to Morelos, according to information from the newspaper Estadio Deportivo, it would be on the club’s radar Sevillewhich has announced that it is looking for reinforcements in its forwards at the gates of the second half of 2022.

Morelos had to miss the final stages of the Europa League due to injury. Photo: Instagram Alfredo Morelos

Monchi, who is the sports director of the Iberian team, the name of the Cordovan would be one of the objectives thinking about the next transfer market.

Although previously from France and England, there would be some chances for Morelos, but nothing concrete or at least not yet.

It is worth mentioning that for more than a year the coffee striker would be within the Sevillian club’s claims, but the talks for his signing were unsuccessful.

Thus, the future of Morelos would be in suspense, who had to say goodbye to the previous season due to an injury that kept him away for several weeks where the Scottish league and the Europa League were played, being a determining phase for the title in both. cases.

Alfredo Morelos player of the Colombian National Team.  Photo: Instagram Alfredo Morelos

Alfredo Morelos player of the Colombian National Team. Photo: Instagram Alfredo Morelos

His career began in Colombian soccer when Deportivo Independente MedellĂ­n was part of the Paisa team in 2014, and then in 2016, he was signed by the Helsinkiof Finnish football, giving signs of what would be in the future, his great ability as a scorer.

Finally his arrival at the blue club, he did it in 2017, where he currently serves as one of the figures in the coach’s scheme Stiven Gerrard as in the new age of Giovanni van Bronckhorst.

In turn, his time with the Colombian National Team has been highlighted since he started in the minor teams as well as in the senior team.

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