Alexandre Guimaraes highlighted the work of his team in recent days

The date 7 of the BetPlay League arrived to continue with the Colombian soccer party in the closing tournament. The participating teams continue to work to develop, in the best way, the indications of the technical director and thus achieve greater performance on the field of play.

One of the teams that continue to adjust details within their game scheme is the America of Cali, which are partially located in box 14 of the standings, by adding 6 points in four games played. The “scarlet” team is invited to date after having won one win and three draws.

The Cali squad will face its next commitment on Monday, August 15, when it plays against Equity in the Metropolitano de Techo stadium, located in the city of Bogotá. The “red devils” come from getting their first victory in the Betplay II League, so they will try to continue with the winning streak against the “insurer” team.

América de Cali got its first victory in the Betplay League when it defeated Águilas Doradas on date 6. Photo: Twitter @AmericadeCali

The coach of America de Cali, Alexandre Guimaraes, He spoke to the media prior to the meeting in the country’s capital. The strategist highlighted the performance that the team has had in recent games and stated that his leadership is going good way.

“Okay, we’ve been fulfilling the week without any problem, giving the necessary recovery for the players who have had more participation. Minutes of football for those who have not had it with our way of working, making matches against the U-20 and U-17. Today we practically started the preparation for Monday’s game”, declared the coach of years.

The scarlet team is preparing to face the "insurer" box on Monday, August 15.  Photo: Twitter @AmericadeCali

The scarlet team is preparing to face the “insurer” box on Monday, August 15. Photo: Twitter @AmericadeCali

In addition, the technical director of the scarlet team was asked about the status of the Spanish striker Iago Falquewhich has not been able to perform as expected, due to the constant physical problems he has suffered since he arrived in Colombian lands.

“Iago last week was not called up for the previous game, because i needed more footballthis week he played more football, when we played the match against the U-20. I saw it pretty well today in group exercises. It’s Friday, we still have Saturday and Sunday, but the way it’s going, it wouldn’t be a long time”, said Guimaraes.

The team from Valle del Cauca comes from defeating Golden Eagles on day 6 by a score of 2 to 0, getting the first three points of the America of Cali in the closing tournament. The “scarlet” team will seek to continue adding points throughout the tournament in order to qualify for the semi-finals and be closer to adding a new title.

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