Alexander Tullio: "It is the first time that the Single Ballot is proposed in a non-electoral year"

The program Es Por Acá, which is broadcast on FM 102.3, spoke this Saturday with Alejandro Tullio, a lawyer, university professor and former director of the National Electoral Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior.

In the interview, he said that being a non-electoral year is a good time to debate the Single Ballot project and defended the project. He also remarked that the current Electoral Code, whose law was written more than 50 years ago, contemplates few political elections.

“There were 5 or 6 candidates. Now there is a large number. Everyone must be in equal conditions when it comes to being voted on,” he said.

After reviewing some options that are used in other countries, he stated that for now we are in a moment of legislation and that the form that this Ballot would have will be a competence of the Electoral Justice.

“Argentina is a highly politicized country where people vote quite consciously, where in national elections 78% vote for two options. In 160 countries they vote with different Single Ballot models. Are we so exceptionally stupid that we can’t do it? “.

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