Alex Hoyer sends an emotional congratulations to Danna Paola for her birthday

This Thursday the actress Danna Paola is celebrating her birthday, a woman who began her acting career at a very young age and who later also decided to venture into the world of music

At only 27 years old, she has achieved great things in the artistic and acting world, now her boyfriend Alex Hoyer accompanies her in her life and congratulated her with an emotional message through her social networks.

Since they confirmed their relationship in April of this year, Danna and Alex have remained tight-lipped when it comes to showing their love publicly and, more than due to lack of love, both artists have assured that they do so as a preventive measure to prevent rumours, gossip and ill-intentioned comments contaminate the relationship they have built, so important for both of them.

However, the care with which they maintain their courtship did not prevent Hoyer from taking a moment to congratulate Danna on her social networks on such a special date. Earlier in the day, the 24-year-old singer wrote: “To my favorite person in this world… Happy Birthday! You are the most beautiful thing that happened to me in this life, I wish you everything that makes you happy in this world, you are a being to admire in every way… Keep shining. Love you”.

Danna Paola did not take long to share the publication in her Instagram stories, but this was not the only post that she posted on her account, since there have been many and many who have congratulated her, with dedications in which they exalt the human being so special that he is, who always gives off smiles and shows others that there are always reasons to enjoy life.

Danna and Alex don’t care about bickering

Since the relationship between the two became official, as they feared, the rumors have not been long in coming, as there were those who assured that Hoyer was interested in Danna, because she has greater public recognition, since she forged her professional career from a very young age. . Instead, Alex became known after competing in the second season of “La Voz México”, a show in which she was part of Ricky Martin’s team.

On another occasion, a magazine with national circulation suggested that Hoyer emotionally abused her, so Danna Paola came out to speak, being very blunt with her clarification: “What worries me is that tabloid media, like this magazine, continue to underestimate the courage and strength of a woman in their issues… I don’t let myself be mistreated by a boyfriend or by anyone.”

keep the party going

The stylist Omar Álvarez was one of Danna Paola’s friends who shared a preview of how the singer’s birthday celebrations began, with a video where Danna is seen sitting in front of a slice of cake, while a group of people sing “Happy birthday to you”later, it is heard how she says excitedly that she has reached 27 years: “I’m 27!”.

Other people close to the singer who congratulated her was her older sister, Vania Rivera Munguía, who said that the singer changed her life from the moment she was born.



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