Alberto Fernández returned to the country: What balance did the Government make of the tour of Europe?

President Alberto Fernandez arrived in the country in the last hours of Friday after a European tour in which he held meetings with the leaders of French Spain Y Germany. This Saturday, the chancellor Santiago Cafiero, who also participated in the tour that had the journalistic coverage of, took stock of it and installed the theme of a possible re-election of the current head of state.

The plane that brought him back landed at 0.10 this Saturday at the International Airport of Ezeiza Minister Pistarini, coming from the Charles de Gaulle air terminal, on the outskirts of Paris.

In Spainthe President met with the head of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez and with the king Philip VI; in Germany held a meeting with the chancellor Olaf Scholz and in France met the president Emmanuel Macron, recently re-elected to his post.

Fernández and Macron agreed on Friday in Paris on the need to “respond collectively” the consequences of the Russian invasion in Ukraine and warned about the risk of an energy and food crisis in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet.

Both leaders gave a joint statement in the entrance courtyard of the presidential Elysee Palace in Paris, minutes before sharing a bilateral meeting.

The coincidences between Fernández -in charge of the pro tempore Presidency of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States- and Macron -president of the European Union (EU) until June 1- were expressed in a joint statement to the press, before the meeting they held at the Elysée Palace, on the last day of the European tour.

Meanwhile, the Argentine foreign minister, santiago cafierospoke this Saturday after returning from the European tour led by the president and commented to miter radio what: “It was very important and satisfactory for the country, it represents an Argentina that not only went to present its position before European leaders in the face of the war, but also to renew its agenda in Spain. We are very satisfied, we have the capacity to speak with all international actors It is not necessary to indebt the country so that they pay attention to one, one must have a worthy foreign policy”.

Cafiero assured that “There are no doubts abroad about Argentina’s position in the face of the war between Russia and Ukraine” and highlighted “the firm condemnation of the invasion of Russia”. “During the entire process of escalating violence, Argentina proclaimed dialogue and that the conflict be ended,” he added.

What about the presidential reelection?

On the other hand, the official was asked about the president’s intention to run again for the 2023 elections, He said that there are variants that will be decisive in defining his candidacy and he stated about the vice president: “I don’t know if Cristina Kirchner is irritated by re-election, Alberto didn’t talk about it with her.”

Regarding Fernández’s statements in the middle of his trip about his willingness to seek a second term, the national official said: “The President installed him, but in the framework where I presuppose that, he raises his lifelong militant vocation, of transforming Argentina, of continuing to put it on its feet and with a lot of conditions.”

After that, Cafiero insisted: “We need to continue recovering the economy, employment; we need to continue being more efficient and effective with the distributive policy. If these things begin to be achieved, and with firmer foundations, it seems to me that the will of the President is inscribed there, which will always be there”.

When asked about his views on the subject and whether or not he supported a second Fernández presidency, he stated: “I want him to go for re-election. We made a great effort to recover from the pandemic, but we had two crises (Covid-19 and recession). This double situation requires a double recovery. The path is very firm, but there are sectors that are still missing”.

According to the official, the government has already achieved “regain what was lost” in a pandemic and seeks to do the same with “the 20 salary points that were lost” during the previous administration. However, he assessed “inflation is today’s challenge” in economic matters.

With regard to the present government coalition, he stated that “Peronism is a collective construction that is made from individual desires and wills” and stated that there is “a very respectful relationship”. And he added: “Then there is an internal frame, so anything that is said from one side or the other is already magnified and takes on another scale. But hey, that’s how it is.”

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