Alberto Fernández opened doors in Europe: What does playing depend on?

when the president Alberto Fernandez boarded the plane to Europe, a mission with three clear points was established. Bring “The voice of Latin America in the face of the war between Russia and Ukraine to explain its consequences in the region”state that “the priority must be peace” and propose Argentina as a provider of food and energy, when the old continent seeks alternatives to war. It was not part of the objectives to get into the ring of the inmate of the everyone’s front, but the head of state himself rang the bell of the “re-election” in dialogue with foreign media and marked differences with the vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnerthousands of miles away. Chronicle Group accompanied him on his visit to the European leaders, which ended with significant support in France.

In the Elysee Palace, Emmanuel Macronwelcomed his “dude”the Argentine president, com. “a major player on this stormy international stage“. It was the last Friday at the end of the presidential tour, when the thermometer of the relevance that Argentina can have when it comes to providing solutions in the framework of the war between Russia and Ukraine rose.

It happens that the French Presidency of the European Union coincides with the Argentine presidency of CELAC and in this combination a joint work can be promoted.

Besides, Macron he has been ratified in his position by the French people after beating the ultra-right party he heads Marine LePen. “His victory gave us a lot of peace of mind.” assured Fernandez in Paris.

A few days ago, the Argentine president had passed through Spain to meet with his counterpart, Peter Sanchezand by Germany, for a bilateral with the chancellor, Olaf Scholz. In both meetings he shared the details of his mission in Europe. Argentina brought a message of peace and humanitarian, first of all. But, in addition, he managed to alert about the profound impact that the soaring global inflation has on Latin American countries. He spoke with the three heads of state of the old continent about the damage of raising the interest rates of the central banks in return and described it as a measure “recessive” which makes the situation worse. He contributed the idea of ​​coordinating the world’s central banks to implement development initiatives that finance growth.

The chancellor, Santiago Cafiero, made manifest yesterday in radio statements “Satisfaction for the tour, which is one more example of the diversity of our foreign policy. We have the ability to talk to all the actors because we have a friendly, peaceful and dignified foreign policy”, he added in comparison with that of the government of Cambiemos (today Together for Change).

As providers

Macron was categorical regarding the economic consequences of the war: “The problem today is inflation as a result of the war, but in 12 to 18 months we will have a food catastrophe due to the food blockade”anticipated.

In the face of the humanitarian tragedy, Europe could open up new marketing channels that previously came from Ukraine and Russia. The invaded country was the supplier of 30% of the world’s wheat, and its production of soybeans and sunflower oil was also affected. Something similar occurs with Russian gas and the stoppage of its distribution (much of it was sold to Europe). Also, opportunities arise for transgenic wheat.

All in all, Argentina already has stock available to alleviate the wheat problem, according to sources from the presidential delegation. Chronicle Group, and can become a stable supplier of energy due to its distance from the conflict zone. The second option is the great challenge since it requires bilateral agreements that include a strong investment in infrastructure by the interested countries. The attraction of the site Dead cow could seal the exchange. In Spain there were concrete advances in this sense.

About Christina

Two local issues were addressed by the President on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. One was by choice: “Cristina’s is a partial view, which neglects that we are experiencing a pandemic,” He said for the first time in a long time about the differences with the Vice to a Spanish media. Then, with another German, he talked about running for re-election in 2023. Finally, he told Chronicle Grouppresent at the press conference he gave at the Argentine embassy in Paris. “I don’t have to fight and I don’t want to fight with Cristina. I have to fight with (former president, Mauricio) Macri, with the right, with those who caused Argentina’s decline”sentenced.

The second theme would reach any corner of the world. Last Thursday the inflation figure for the month of April was known and it was 6%, after 6.7% in March. “We are not happy with the inflation rates. It is the tax that is charged to those who live on a salary. And therefore we must quickly stop this problem,” recognized.

The President with the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

However, the balance of the tour was positive in France. With Macron they were going to share first the 6+1 bilateral that was planned. There are six officials from each president and the president. But Macron “he made it clear that he needed to talk to him alone” and there was that meeting before anything else, as Chronicle Group learned.

Over there, Alberto invited Macron to Argentina. The French president accepted the invitation and promised to set a date after he organizes the new cabinet.

In parallel, the Council of the European Union and the United States released a draft detailing that they work together to strengthen the security of the supply of food and critical raw materials in the face of the crisis triggered by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In this framework, the possibility of a visit by the French head of state to Argentina after he identified Fernandez What “a major player on this stormy international stage“It would be a fundamental nod to the world to achieve the economic objectives that the country so much needs to get out of the entrenched problem of the lack of dollars.

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