Penco firefighters announced the filing of a lawsuit against the Autopista del Itata concessionaire, Who is held responsible for the accident that left one of the cars of the Third Company of the commune out of service.

On July 25, the accident was recorded on the Route, where a truck collided with the fire truck while the volunteers were working in an emergency.

The car was disabled and the firefighters hold the dealer responsible for the accident, for not having the corresponding security protocol, installing signage at the emergency site.

Emmanuel Alarcón, Penco Fire Superintendent, said that the concessionaire offered them 5 million pesos to support them, a figure that they consider insufficient because they need a new car, which is why they announced the filing of a complaint.

Deputy Sergio Bobadilla, pledged his support for the Third Fire Company of Penco through legal advice to take legal action.

From the Sociedad Concesionaria Autopista del Itata, they highlighted that they lack responsibility in the accident, as detailed by Juan Carlos Torres, head of Communications at Globalvía ​​Chile.

After the accident, the Third Penco Fire Company has only one rescue unit to respond to an emergency.


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