After a devastating left foot, Charlo ended Castaño’s dream of the quadruple crown

Brian Castaño could not complete his big dream. A devastating left hand from Jermell Charlo (35-1-1, 19 KOs) made him crumble on the canvas of the ring at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Los Angeles and left him without the possibility of unifying the four super welterweight belts (WBA, WBC, WBO and FIB) that are now in the hands of the American, who went from less to more and stayed with the rematch of the fight in which a controversial draw deprived the Argentine of a clear victory, Clarín narrates.

Round 1

After the boos that Charlo received in the presentation, the American started spicy connecting combinations without response from Castaño. The Argentine tried to react and there was an interesting exchange with two Boxi forehands, which ended up leaving a better impression.

Round 2

Charlo appeals to the long distance helped by his size, but Castaño also connects with his volleys. The American connected with a right hand and the Argentine countered with his right hand as well. Charlo’s slaps collide with the guard of the man from La Matanza, who is playing to find a bomb at close range. The Argentine closed the round, after another fierce exchange, with a hopeful left-footed shot. The return was for the local.

Round 3

Castaño feels more comfortable in close range, but Charlo, with his arm length, tries to stay away. The Argentine seems more accurate, but he runs the risk of being left unprotected. The two are successful with their attacks, although the one from La Matanza looks firmer.

Round 4

Castaño takes center stage and puts Charlo on the ropes by dint of successes with the right. At the close of the round, there was a fierce exchange with hits from both sides. The Argentine made the power of his fists felt. It was a frenetic and electric lap.

Round 5

Castaño came out confident and Charlo took advantage with a 1-2 that pushed the Argentine back. The one from La Matanza, with his right eye swollen, hit a right hand and Charlo staggered. But the American landed an uppercut that changed the equation. Castaño seemed touched, who took a breath and finished the lap throwing blows and taking his rival against the ropes again.

Round 6

After several laps of dominance by the Argentine, Charlo came out with a little more air and hitting a couple of combinations. A right up and a left down set off the American’s alarms. However, when he seemed finished, Charlo landed a couple of counterpunches and evened the story. Boxi closed with a right hand to leave a better impression.

Round 7

The first minute of study was taken. There was a good combination from Charlo to break the ice and then a spicy left hand that took the Argentine back a couple of steps. The place looked like it could finish it off. But Castaño caught his breath, but he had his worst lap so far in the contest.

Round 8

Castaño came out of the hole and showed it with a right hand that his rival felt. Charlo plays left cross and managed to put in a couple of combinations to mark ground. The one from La Matanza looks less effective than in the previous rounds, but he continues to dominate the ring. It was a return to recharge energies.

Round 9

Castaño has a dented right eye and Charlo continues to grow in combat. The Argentine lowered the intensity and tries to administer the blows. Two lefts downstairs made him show his mouth guard to the local, The American plays counterattack and seems more comfortable at this point in the fight.

Round 10

The fight enters the definition zone. The Argentine knows that he should not leave doubts to avoid doubts on the card as it happened in the previous fight. A left foot from Castaño lifted the crowd, but Charlo responded with another 1-2. They both look tired. A nice exchange seemed to leave the Argentine better off. But a left foot from Charlo changed everything. to the canvas The Argentine wanted to return but he was no longer in the ring and had to say goodbye to the dream of keeping the quadruple crown. Referee Jerry Cantu stopped the fight.

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Jermell Charlo vs. Brian Castaño (12 rounds for the WBA, IBF, WBC, WBO and The Ring super welterweight titles).
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