Adulterated cocaine in San Martín: 9 deaths in 20 days due to settling accounts

Justice and the municipal authorities of General San Martín and Tres de Febrero went on alert due to the oversized appearance of assassins who, without saying a word, have started a series of murders of people linked to the commercialization and distribution of narcotic drugs in the areas where the adulterated drug which, in February, caused more than 20 official fatalities and others not reported because their relatives preferred not to report the cause.

“There were nine deaths as a result of this type of drug activity,” a judicial official reported unofficially, who observed how the prosecutor’s offices began to receive this type of situation on a weekly basis. “These events have grown exponentially in recent months, and although there are no detainees, and the investigations are more than difficult because of the participants, we must accept that everything is linked to drug trafficking and marketing,” the same source warned. MDZ.

This new burst of clashes and murders occurred after the fall of “Omar”, a leader from the La Tranquila neighborhood, near the police operating base, in a routine procedure. Those associated with this narco They immediately went to look for the “buche” that did not exist, but a person ended up dead by a bullet to the head in Barrio Sarmiento, twenty blocks from that place.

The appearance of the adulterated drug exposed the complexity and the network of connections that the gangs that operate in the area near Route 8, on the way to Buen Ayre and its surroundings, with a head in General San Martinplace of residence of the Villalba family, headed by the detainee Miguel AngelMameluke” and the detachments of his gang and the “competition” at the hands of “los Pachecos”, whose boss, “el Rengo” Javier, was arrested two years ago in the luxurious area of ​​Parque Leloir.

just appeared the adulterated cocaine in the Puerta 8 neighborhood, on the northern limit of Tres de Febrero, MDZ warned that the place was a nerve center because it could be reached from any point north or west, mainly from rosary beads, through the Panamericana and the Camino del Bueno Ayre. It was the control zone of “Mameluke“, based a few kilometers from there, in Villa 18, also on the side of former Route 8, current Ricardo Balbín Avenue.

From prison, the mediatic and famous narco arranged to work to “order the area” and banish those who committed this unpunished rinsing of the drug which, allegedly, was not authorized to distribute. All this, plus other details, is in the legal case that is processed in the Federal Justice and that has Mameluke and his son Dylan implicated. It seems that this arrangement is being carried out in broad daylight and without any possibility of being anticipated, even though there are many police operations, fixed and semi-fixed positions of the GEOF and the Buenos Aires police.

“It’s all the same, the same, to what we see and hear from rosary beads. One or two people appear on a motorcycle and without saying a word they shoot him two or three times and he leaves. It seems that they were a give and take, because the investigation one day takes us to a place and there are incidents for which we have to order raids and procedures towards the other”, the source confided to MDZwho was really surprised by “the amount of dead that have been appearing in these months. The situation grew exponentially, it is very serious,” he warned.

However, this situation is not particular to General San MartinTres de Febrero or area of ​​influence of Mameluke. Today the appearance of two people murdered by assassins was recorded on Calle San Marcos at 400, in the town of Esteban Echeverría, where the investigators arrived and, in addition to the corpses, found cocaine and untouched $200,000 worth of loose, wrapped marijuana. Translated. They killed and left, quite a message.

Ten days ago, in an interview he gave to the Crónica channel, Villalba said they had made a pact to stop the wave of dead Y murders that provoked the new discussion about the territory where the adulterated drug. “This got out of hand for everyone. You have to talk, there are many weapons on the street and the police do nothing, they draw the situation, covering expenses and doing what they do, but nobody does anything, nobody from anyone.”

“And look, I tried and got to talk to some to stop this, but nobody is doing anything. Nobody,” he remarked. Mamluk Villalba who demanded to stop with all this because “killing to kill like this is not enough”, in clear reference to the appearance of assassins Y killers that “destroy people who in turn have families. As much as they are lazy, drug addicts, or whatever, they are people,” he said.

A connoisseur of the entire plot is amazed, scared and frustrated by “the number of unforced errors (badly thought he believes they are on purpose) by the Justice that determines raids on wrong addresses by one or two numbers, or that proceed a long time after , plus some security personnel who do not carry out judicial collaboration as appropriate, puts everything at risk”.

“But the most serious thing is that the bosses, or supposed bosses, like Mameluke and others continue to run everything from jail. With cell phones, personal computers, everything, and nobody takes anything from them, isolates them, or causes them the slightest discomfort,” added this security expert who also knows the intricacies of regional politics.

In recent months, special troops have settled in Villa 18, the former residence of Villalbaand for two years they have been working with a similar method at Loyola, at the other end of General San Martin, where Peruvian drug traffickers invaded and threatened the entire Fonavi estate in the town. “That presence made them leave and rearm in another place,” Buenos Aires officials assured.

The tragic day where the first deaths from the adulterated cocaine It clearly reflects the existing lack of coordination. As one official could see, “it was crazy that while one asked that they search now, because we knew that the drugs came from there, the prosecution asked that we only do a preliminary, that is, data collection, filming and prior to then act ” .

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