A woman has six children and they confirmed that she will give birth to 13 babies in a few days

An incredible and unusual case of multiple pregnancy will occur in the next few days in Mexico. A woman will give birth to 13 babies and, in this way, together with her husband they will have 19 children. Faced with this sudden news, the couple asked for collaboration to cope with the situation and a solidarity collection was started to help this marriage.

The protagonist of this incredible story is Martiza Hernandez Mendez. This woman from the city of Ixtapaluca, in MexicoShe is married to Antonio Soriano Ordoneza municipal firefighter and together they have six children. Now the couple was shocked to learn that 13 babies will come into their lives.

This case was revealed during a regular session of the Ixtapaluca council. He was the councilor of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) party, Gerardo Guerrerowho reported on this situation that the couple is experiencing and asked that it be dealt with among the issues on the agenda.

I want to share with you a situation that is taking place in our municipality, here in the municipal public administration. There is a comrade who works in this administration specifically in the fire department, comrade Antonio Soriano Ordoñez, he is married to the citizen Maritza Hernández Méndez, both citizens here from Ixtapaluca (…) we have been there six, I want to inform the colleagues of this body, the citizen president and citizens of Ixtapaluca that in the next few days this couple will have 13 more childrenpronounced Gerardo Guerrero.

Later, the firefighter asked to speak and explained that the family’s only income is his municipal salary. That is why he presented the idea of ​​the collection that some neighbors started in order to be able to stock up on the necessary supplies to receive the future members of the family.

For their part, the doctors reported that the woman is undergoing the pregnancy normally and the thirteen babies are in good health and developing in perfect conditions. Also, the couple acknowledged that thanks to the proceeds will be able to receive the babiesbut since it is a high-risk delivery, they plan to transfer the woman to a high-complexity medical center in the state of Toluca, where they can assist the mother and each of the babies and give them the necessary care.

Martiza and Antonio became parents for the first time in 2017, the year their firstborn was born anthony; in 2020 the twins were born Paula Y Daphne and then in 2021 the triplets came to brighten their days katherine, Lark Y Ximena.

In total, the family could have 19 children. It should be noted that although multiple pregnancies are becoming more common, the fact of giving birth to 13 babies at the same time would mean a historical fact.

That is why many people have pointed out that it could become a new Guinness World Records record. In this sense, the association is investigating two other deliveries: that of an African woman who gave birth to eight children, and an American woman who gave birth to ten children in New York.

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