"A whole novel…": he ordered half a dozen empanadas and unleashed a "damn" in a rotisserie

Twitter It is an application that helps its users a lot. For them, it is a communication space and a tool that helps them express their ideas, events, complaints or any situation of daily life that they can share.

In addition to being a social network in which memes abound, it shows more and more unusual situations that happened to people who use this platform. In this context, there is a publication that is going through the entire social network of the little bird in the last few hours.

Twitter is an application in which its users share unusual anecdotes.

a young call Agostina Bertero He uploaded a screenshot of his conversation with a deli where he ordered empanadas. “Quite a novel to order 6 empanadas…The girl wrote on Twitter.

In the chat you can read that the tweeter sends a message to the gastronomic place asking how long it will take for her order to arrive. “Excuse me, I have them here but I had them done again“, they wrote from the rotisserie.

What happened was that the empanadas were burnedEven from the restaurant they sent him a photo showing all the food completely burned. So, the client said that she had no problem waiting for the next ones. “Yes, sorry“, they responded from the place.

The conversation between Agostina and the rotisserie.

Half an hour later the bar managers told him that the delivery was on its way. The happy girl replied that she expected the food from her. However, not everything went as expected. “I apologize a thousand times, I swear they are not chamuyos“Wrote those of the gastronomic.

This time the empanadas were not burned, but rather the motomandado who was carrying the order was robbed and the food was stolen. “They just robbed the delivery that was going there. The other delivery left us the box thrown away because his mother was dying“said the representative.

No problem. There’s no drama“, answered Agostina. Apparently the bar returned the money to the girl and everything was resolved that way. But the next day, the locals send a message to the client offering their menu of the day. “What do I ask how are the delivery?“, wrote the girl in the form of a joke.

The reaction of the users

The tweet continues to add views. He even added almost 70 thousand likes, 3 thousand retweets and several comments giving their opinion on what happened. “They could literally make a movie out of the damn empanadas“said a follower.

It was all a real drama“, “Rice with egg came out at the end hahaha“, “I can’t believe you“, were some of the most read responses on the social network.

For his part, a man who has a food place recounted his experience and what it feels like to have to live in such a situation. “I have a hamburger restaurant and I swear it’s like that. Sometimes when you depend on only one or two cadets, especially on weekdays, one of them fails you for something and you screw up all night. And one as an owner ends up bad for failing the client. But the reality overcomes you“said the follower.

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