A violent armed group carried out a double assault in a country of Malagueño

A command group of an undetermined number of criminals entered the Valle del Golf country estate, in the jurisdiction of Malagueño, on Thursday morning, and robbed at least two homes.

After cutting the perimeter wire, the criminals entered a house located on the 16th block, where they beat a couple and took money, two laptops, jewelry, cell phones, and other valuables.

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This is the second robbery that this couple has suffered at that address in a little over two months, according to Cadena 3.

At the same time, and almost simultaneously, another part of the group of criminals attacked another house, located on block 19 of the closed neighborhood. At the scene, they woke up a couple, bound and gagged them.

The perimeter fence that was broken to enter the gated community.  Photo: eldoce.tv
The perimeter fence that was broken to enter the gated community. Photo: eldoce.tv

From that house they stole tablets, cell phones, and a watch, in addition to the white Renault Alaskan van in which they fled.

As a neighbor revealed to eldoce.tv, one of the families “called the guard in the middle of the robbery and they were not attended to.” The criminals realized it, but they continued with their objective: “They stayed two more hours, they even came across another house,” the man said.

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Police spokesmen assured that the modus operandi It was identical to the one they used months ago in the same gated community.

The slow reaction of the security guards is striking, and the number of assaults that have occurred in countries in the area in recent times.

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