A truck driver and a food delivery man were robbed in Greater Mendoza

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In the moment in wich gets out of the vehicle was surprised by some armed criminals. The criminals threatened the trucker and They took two bags with clothes, a cell phone, elements with which the driver cleaned the truck and some cards to load fuel.

Once the assault occurred, the driver decides to make the corresponding complaint in which the Fiscal Office No. 10 belonging to the 10th Police Station intervened.

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Police were unable to find the whereabouts of the criminals.

Photo: Martin Pravata

They robbed him of his work environment in Las Heras

On the other hand, in The Heras during the first minutes of Thursday, at approximately 00:35, a 45-year-old man was the protagonist of a robbery while making a delivery of milanese.

The event occurred on Mathieu and Vicente Martino streets at the entrance to the Belgrano neighborhood located in the department of Las Heras. At that moment the robbery victim was in a car Peugeot 307 and had attended that place to deliver the order.

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Arriving at the place where he had to deliver food, the man was approached by criminals. The victim at that time was threatened by the criminals who They took away the car with which he made his deliveries.

The young man went to make the complaint in which the Fiscal Office No. 6 of the 36th Police Station of Las Heras intervened.

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