A survey revealed the joint presidential potential of Javier Milei and Patricia Bullrich

The electoral panorama closes the year with more uncertainty than definition. The volatility of the main fronts and the possible fracture of these denote a 2023 with estimates of new alliances and structures. the university of san andres published a public opinion report regarding the present political spectrum. An alliance between the representative of Libertad Avanza, javier mileiand the president of the PRO, Patricia Bullrichwould take the elections to a defining plane.

Report of the University of San Andrés.

The consultants began by measuring the electoral party module under the following slogan: “If the presidential elections were held today, which of the following parties or coalitions would you vote for?” Together for Change leads the list of intention to vote with 22%. The front of all is located in second place with 19% and the Freedom Advances is third with 10%.

The determining characteristic of this study is that it has 23% undecided. In the report of Opinion Argentina Other numbers stand out: the opposition differs with 36%, the ruling party with 29% and liberalism with 17% of voting intentions. The differential that the degree of undecided has can modify the electoral proposal and also define who will be the future president. The one who transforms doubt into affirmation will be the victor.

The second main difference is the intention to vote by presidential candidate. The spectrum is so fragmented that a union and/or creation of a new front between different political leaders could define the elections with total centrality. The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaleads the list of intention to vote with 43%.

Report of the University of San Andrés.

The president of PRO, Patricia Bullrichranks second with 39% and the deputy of Libertad Avanza, javier milei, third with 36%. The ex-president, Mauricio Macri, is fourth with a 35% voting intention. The quality of expectation calls into question a possible agreement that would end the formula Milei Bullrich; this electoral combination would have the elections in the pocket.

The main understanding highlights the insoluble proposal of the sum of 39% of the ex-minister’s voting intention with 36% of the liberal economist (75%). It is taken into account that the arrangement between the two would have the consequence of losing some of the voters who oppose it, but it is a minimum percentage; they would still continue to rise.

javier milei In this way, it is presented as the determining file that the main heads of the opposition want to have. The economist combined with Patricia Bullrich either Mauricio Macri would have no brakes in the 2023 elections. Likewise, a source close to the Liberal deputy revealed to mdz that there is no possibility that it pulls within Together for Change. The estimated arrangement would be outside the structure on a possible front between the Freedom Advances and the hard ones PRO.

The context then denotes the possibility that at a certain end of the year 2023, a front made up of liberals and opposition hawks will consolidate in the presidency. The question rests on the capacity for agreement and consensus reached within the meetings that will take place for the following year.

Report of the University of San Andrés.

The report presented also includes a section regarding the elections STEP. The theme was dealt with under the following slogan: “What is your opinion on the Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (STEP) as a mechanism for selecting candidacies from parties and coalitions?” 44% of those surveyed consider that the STEP they should be eliminated, 36% believe they should be maintained.

Elimination of elections STEP raised by the pro-government wave led by the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and the Minister of Economy, Sergio MassaIt was a matter of agenda within the Government. President Alberto Fernandez he was the main advocate of the primary elections within Casa Rosada.

Kirchnerist leaders affirmed in a free voice that javier milei He has a high chance of reaching the presidential seat if there are no primary elections. The panorama without definitions of Together for Change likewise, it demands an electoral framework in which the party internals can be defined; otherwise, the opposition is faced with a serious problem.

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