A survey confirms that Javier Milei is the main headache for the ruling party

Javier Milei continues to complicate the front of all like Together for Change. The libertarian economist now appears at the top of a survey that measured who are the main opponents of the government of Alberto Fernandez.

In that ranking, based on a survey by Ricardo Rouvier, the now national deputy for Avanza Libertad appears as the main opponent of the Kirchnerism even above “hawks” of the PRO like Mauricio Macri Y Patricia Bullrich. But Miley is also perceived as the main opponent surpassing in public opinion Horacio Rodriguez Larreta and also to the radical Facundo Manes. The particularity of this survey also places Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner as an opponent of Alberto Fernández.

On the other hand, those who lead the negative image ranking, with the exception of Mauricio Macri, are the representatives of Kirchnerism, made up of the Frente de Todos (FdT). The one who heads the list is the current Argentine president, Alberto Fernandezfollowed by Macri, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Serge Massa Y Axel Kicillo.

With regard to the economy, expectations continue to be negative and, in particular, with regard to the evolution of inflation, which is a central aspect in the relationship between society and politics.

The survey carried out by Rouvier & Asociados revealed that the opposition leads the positive image ranking and that the figure of Javier Milei it follows them closely in the barometer of public opinion.

The positive image ranking, by Argentine public opinion, continues to be led by opposition politicians made up of the Together for Change (JxC) coalition. Horacio Rodriguez Larreta stands out in the first place, followed by Patricia Bullrich, Mauricio Macri and Maria Eugenia Vidal. In addition, the numbers of Together for Change seem not to take much advantage of the figure of Javier Milei. The libertarian politician ranks fourth, becoming better known among public opinion and showing a positive image that exceeds 40%.

Inflation, as it impacts income, has a direct impact on the orientation of the vote. In general, at the world level, governments facing an increase in the general level of prices are “punished” in elections. In our case, the parity contracts reduce or equalize the distance between expenses and income, but it is a run made by wages from behind consumer prices.

Also, do not forget that the payment of the increases are in installments in many cases. This year as the average interannual calculation for 2022 is not known, trigger clauses are foreseen in many agreements.

Analyzing the Milei case we have that, in the first place, more than half of those consulted throughout the country are not interested in the ideology of the libertarian candidate, but a little more than a third are. Regarding his ideological position, more than 65% indicate that he is from the right or center-right and there is 30% who do not answer or do not know.

Among the main virtues of those who have a good or very good image of Milei, it stands out that he is honest and that he fights against corruption (43%). His sincerity is mentioned by 31%, while his political ideas are highlighted by 25%.

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