A survey anticipates the worst scenario for Kirchnerism

Lose in the second round or, directly, come out third and not enter the ballot. A poll projects the worst case scenario for the kirchnerism ahead of the 2023 presidential elections for an election that could leave the Frente de Todos out of competition. And in case of accessing the ballotage, he would lose both against Together for Change and against javier milei.

The poll prepared by the National Monitor of Socio-Political Scenarios, of the Observatory of Applied Social Psychology (OPSA) covered 1,253 cases collected throughout the country online between October 23 and 27. There Together for Change leads with around 37%. But the alarming thing for him kirchnerism is that a virtual technical draw arises between the Frente de Todos and javier milei that could leave the ruling party out of the ballot.

The figures show that the next president of the Nation would be defined in the ballot taking into account that Together for Change does not break the ceiling of 40% of the votes, although it would take more than 10 points of difference from the second. The kirchnerism accumulates 21.3% of voting intention at the national level while La libertad Avanza by Javier Milei would reach almost the same number with 20.4% of voting intention.

The poll conducted by the University of Buenos Aires also presents three balloting scenarios where the kirchnerism lose in any situation and against any competitor. If the heads-up were between Juntos por el Cambio and the Frente de Todos, the opposition would add 64% of the votes and the ruling party 36%.

If the second electoral round were disputed between the kirchnerism Y javier milei, the Frente de Todos would only obtain 37% of the votes against 63% of the national deputy of La Libertad Avanza. The third ballot scenario projected, without Kirchnerism, estimates that Together for Change would have a 60% voting intention in an eventual second round against Milei who would reach 40%.

The poll also reveals that the owner of the PROPatricia Bullrich, is the only leader with a differential in favor between her positive and negative image), while Alberto Fernandez He is the one who shows the worst image in Kirchnerism.


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