A plus-size model denounced that she was prevented from boarding a plane because of her weight: “They say I’m too fat”

Juliana Nehme, a plus size Brazilian model, denounced on her Instagram account that she was not allowed on a plane in Lebanon because she was “too fat”. Nehme, who was trying to take a connection to Doha to return to Brazil together with her mother, her sister and her nephew, said that a counter employee did not let her get on.

“A Qatari flight attendant called my mother while the girl was finishing our check-in and told her that she was not welcome on board because she was fat,” she said on her Instagram account @juliananehme.

The model assured that they required her to buy an executive ticket that cost USD 3,000 to be able to adjust the seat, when she had paid for one of USD 1,000.

“After hours of begging, he returned all the bags that had already been checked in, claiming that I would have to buy business class or I would not travel,” he denounced.

The woman of Brazilian origin is stranded in Lebanon with her mother (@juliananehme)

In addition, he referred to discrimination with the hashtag: fatophobia “I’m fat but I’m like everyone else!”, he added.

Juliana, who constantly shares material from her work, had traveled to the Arab country with her family. She said that she wanted to raise awareness so that this situation would not happen again: “It is not fair to buy my ticket and be humiliated, threatened and denied to travel.”

Although her sister and her nephew have already traveled to São Paulo, she had to stay with her stranded mother: “I am stuck in Lebanon. They wanted my mother to go away and leave me alone here in Lebanon. But I don’t speak English or Arabic. She turned it down,” she said.

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