A player was arrested after hitting a female referee who ended up in the hospital

A Sportivo Rivadavia player was arrested after punching a referee who ended up hospitalized during a match between her team and the Yocsina Sports Club that was played on the Martín Ferreyra field, in Malagueño, in the Santa María department.

They attacked a referee in a Punilla women’s league match

“The only thing I heard from this girl was that she was not going to stop beating me until I was unconscious on the floor,” said Núñez, who, in dialogue with Channel 10, added: “When the ambulance took me, the only thing I asked for was It was that it was nothing serious to be able to continue and I did not doubt that at any time, it is what I love and what I am passionate about.

The judge suffered a broken septum and severe injuries to her face, so the Alta Gracia health center underwent neurological tests for the goals to her face and head.

“In the second half, Sportivo Rivadavia’s number 2 had a yellow card and after a foul, he expelled her,” he told Carlos Paz Vivo Jazmín Calero, a colleague of the attacked woman, who stated that, minutes before, Núñez had expelled the local club coach for insults.

Jasmín Calero assured that it is the first time that something like this has happened in a women’s soccer match in the Punilla league and pointed out: “We want this to be spread because it is not good for it to happen and it is being repeated with arbitration in this league.”


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