A new cold front advances in the country and low temperatures are accentuated « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

A new front of cold air advances over the central region of the country and causes a drop in temperatures, which were already very low in Patagonia and with thermal values ​​between 0 and 5 degrees in the Pampas and Cuyo areas, conditions that will continue throughout the week, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) reported today.

At the beginning of the week, an air mass of polar origin entered from the south of the territory causing a drop in temperatures, a situation that was reinforced today with the entry of a new cold front that left minimum thermal values ​​of more than ten degrees below zero in Patagonia.

The Chubut towns of Esquel, Trelew and Puerto Madryn woke up with -10 degrees and El Calafate with -11, warned Cindy Fernández, meteorologist of the agency, and assured that the entire region registered minimums below zero degrees.

In addition to the entry of cold air, in northwestern Patagonia, the Andes and western Mendoza, there will be “recurring” rains and snowfalls until at least Sunday, which can produce several centimeters of snow accumulation.

Meanwhile, from today the central region of the country will register frosts with very low minimum temperatures, around 5 degrees, and in the south of Buenos Aires, La Pampa and Cuyo they will be below zero degrees.

As for the maximum temperature values ​​in the central strip of Argentina, they are expected to range between 8 and 12 degrees, warned the specialist, who specified that these conditions will continue throughout the week.

Likewise, during the next few days the cloudiness will predominate in the sky of this region of the country with winds “that will not be intense, but will cause a thermal sensation lower than the real temperature,” Fernández assured.

In Mar del Plata a minimum temperature of 3° and a maximum of 8° is expected. The sky will be mostly cloudy while the wind will be from the east and then rotate to the southeast.

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