A man disappeared in the El Carrizal dam when a boat overturned

All those involved were fishing and are employees of the Municipality of Godoy Cruz, where they work in the Urban Hygiene crews.


Partial view of the El Carrizal dam.

The tragedy in El Carrizal

The missing person is Darío Palma, 43, who is used to uploading photos of his journeys to social networks.

Police personnel and tactical divers worked at the scene and this Sunday they will resume operations, according to official information.

When the fishermen began to return to the coastal area, the boat turned over as a result of the strong southerly wind that began to run after 6:00 p.m.

After 9:00 p.m., from the commune they went to the El Carrizal area to learn about the events and offer collaboration and assistance to the victims.

Fishing trips on this dam were common for this group of co-workers, sources from the community commented.

Much of the day had been calm and with moments of sunshine, which was enjoyed by a few fishermen in boats and boats.

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