A house was consumed by a fire in the Madres a la Lucha neighborhood

When they were warned of what had happened, a police commission went to the place verifying what was reported, requesting the immediate participation of the firefighters.

Minutes later, the siren of the firefighters from Unit II could be heard, who upon arriving quickly deployed their hoses trying to suffocate the fire. fire that had become widespread in the precarious abode.

This happened after 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, on the street General Belgrano cruiser in the B° Mothers to the Fightwhere there were moments of unease as a woman believed that her daughter was inside the damaged house.

The fire destroyed the precarious house, since all the elements used in the construction turned out to be combustible. Unfortunately, due to its construction, the house was consumed in a few minutes, the firefighters intervened but nothing could be done, the flames took over the structure with great voracity. To all this was also added the water support truck of the firefighters.

Neighbors and relatives who indicated that the family is fine, only one of the owner’s children, with a high degree of nervousness, fainted on the sidewalk, but the medical professionals immediately arrived, who were able to treat him on an outpatient basis, the mother also went up to the health mobile.

It was established that the family is made up of a woman, a son and two girls, in addition to her eldest daughter and son-in-law, who ultimately make up six people who lived on the property and who are now left on the street with what they were wearing, the fire destroyed the house.

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