A giant rat appeared in a butcher shop in Salta and the comments were all the rage

For those who saw the movie Ratatouillethe image of a group of rats running around the kitchen, in contact with all products and even cooking, can become common. However, this had another interpretation in jumpwhere a giant rat was found in a butcher shop.

The premises are located in the capital of “The cute” and, according to El Tribuno, a local media outlet, a neighbor found this overfed rodent.

Of course, he managed to take his cell phone and film what happened, which led to the subsequent viralization of the video.

According to the film, two people approached the store when it was already dark and it was visibly closed. There, they found a specimen of disproportionate measures. In turn and between laughs, they commented that “she is meek, she allows herself to be filmed”. “It’s the smallest we found. She is eating quietly”added the boys.

Giant rat was seen in a butcher shop

However, the comments that caused the most fury on social networks was one referring to the role of the rat within the trade. “It’s not a rat, it’s a guard dog, understand”wrote a user of Facebookonce the video was published on said social network.

“Don’t be ignorant, they are not rats, it is the new breed of dog that crosses a Capybara and a Pitbull”another user added, while the last one noted the following: “How fucked up are they? Everyone chooses the pet that takes care of the business”.

What foods attract rats?

According to the Kilner company, which is dedicated to pest control, there are certain foods that are irresistible to rats.

Fruit: “Of all the foods rodents consume, their main draw is generally fruit. In the wild, rats and mice consume these foods at every opportunity”.

Walnuts: “all rodents love nuts, from peanuts/peanut butter and walnuts to almonds and hazelnuts. In fact, almost any nut can serve as hearty food for rats and mice”.

Meat: “Rats are more avid meat eaters, and will consume all kinds of rotten fish, poultry and red meat. For the most part, this meat is recovered where they can find discarded food, such as dumpsters, garbage cans, or carcasses from roadkill.”.

Pet food: “If it’s good enough for your dog or cat, it’s good enough for the rats and mice in your neighborhood.”. Nor will they be limited to dog and cat food. Expect mice and rats to take an interest in anything that feeds any other animal, including grains, seeds, hay, fish food, etc.”.

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