A few days before the STEP, the Government comes out to reinforce surveillance and patrol

Specifically, according to the published tender, the Suarez administration will invest $ 240 million to pay for the maintenance and connectivity of these cameras that today are distributed in the Greater Mendoza and Lavalle, although the same will be done shortly for those arranged in the East, the Uco Valley and the South zone.

Security. For Greater Mendoza, 560 new cameras will be put out to tender.

“This maintenance is necessary, which must be done at least once a month, because for the surveillance to be effective it is essential that each camera works perfectly and has the connectivity that ensures that the information it provides reaches the capture and display centers. “, justified the director of Informatics and Communications of the Ministry of Security, Leandro Biskupovich.

To that tender that will underpin surveillance, The Ministry of Security intends to shortly add the acquisition of another 700 cameras, of which 100 will be equipped to do the recognition of patents to alert the Strategic Operations Centers (CEO) and another 100 will have the technology and artificial intelligence to detect a particular pattern. “This will allow those cameras to be able to detect a wanted person with a certain characteristic of clothing with the necessary request, so that they can report at what moment someone with those characteristics passed in front of that camera,” added Biskupovich.

According to the official, these future chambers will be distributed following the data of need set by the indicators themselves: “We have constant requests from neighbors, neighborhood unions and even legislators, but to define the strategic places to which these chambers will be allocated, in addition to the problem raised, we cross the data that arise from the 911 complaints with the complaints in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “he defined.

They will buy 129 mobiles to make up for what was missing in 2020

According to the open tender, whose offers will be known on September 27, it is expected allocate $ 458 million to the purchase of 129 mobile phones, of which 90 are cars and 39 are trucks. In turn, of those cars, 75 will be destined to be patrol cars and the remaining 15 will be civilian vehicles for the Investigations area.

Meanwhile, of the 39 vans -all with 4×2 traction- 35 will be for patrols and the remaining 4 will go to the Penitentiary Service.

The cost of these vehicles becomes more expensive, because they must be added to the equipment so that they become mobile, that is, the beacons, the lattice that separates the seats, the special seats and the plotting.

This purchase of 129 vehicles means increasing the number of mobile phones, by a little more than 10%, since there are currently just over 1,400 mobile phones, including cars, trucks, motorcycles and bicycles that the Mendoza Police has.

“Every year, to renew the vehicle fleet, about 100 mobile phones are usually purchased, but last year due to the pandemic and the drop in collection, only 20 mobile phones were bought. That is why this year with this purchase and with a previous one of 45 Cars and 10 trucks we intend to compensate for the vehicles that were not bought last year. It has nothing to do with a political demand, it is a necessary purchase “, defined Marcelo Penuto, Director General of Administration of the Ministry of Security.

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