A few days after being a mother, Barby Franco revealed that they chose the name that they will give their daughter

Fernando Burlando Y Barbie Franco They met in 2012. At that time, the model was 22 years old and he was 47, but age was not an impediment, it was love at first sight and they did not separate anymore.

In previous statements, Barby had confessed: “The age difference was never noticeable. He invited me to eat at the Alvear Palace and I had no idea where it was”. And he added curious details of the first meeting with the famous lawyer.

“He invited me to eat at the Alvear Palace and I had no idea where it was. With the girls from the neighborhood we had to look in the phone book to look for him. I remember that he was in a suit, a colt, and I fell with sneakers, shorts and a shirt… It was a mess”ended.

Today and after looking for it several times and trying different treatments to fulfill his dream, he is waiting sweetly and they have already decided on his daughter’s name. I confirm it through social networks to his followers although he did not want to say it.

In addition, a detail that does not go unnoticed is that the baby’s room is already finished. The question of the follower or follower said: “Did you decide on the name?” and she answered in a funny way: “Yes, it’s decided. But Chilu won’t let me tell it“.

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Barby is in the final stretch of the pregnancy and the doctors stipulate that their daughter will be born at the end of December but specifically on the 29th. It will be a nice end of the year gift for the couple who really went through a lot to achieve the dream of being parents.

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