A construction site collapsed and fell on a house « Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

A wall of a building under construction in Arenales between Roca and Peña collapsed last night, fell on an adjoining house and caused significant structural damage to the dining room.

The event occurred around 10 p.m. when, for investigative reasons, a construction site collapsed and fell on the house next to Arenas at 3300. The rubble fell into the dining room, an environment where there were no people at that time, so the damage, although important, was only material.

Police station staff second, firefighters and Civil Defense They went to the place to control the situation and assist the people who were inside the house, who needed the assistance of SAME due to different nervous breakdowns.

From the Civil Defense they verified that there were no risks on public roads and the occupants of the house were recommended to leave the house, since the part of the house that remained standing had structural damage with apparent risk.

From the Planning Secretariat they will inspect the construction site to assess what failed to cause a wall of the building under construction to collapse.

I could have brought much more serious consequences“, concluded the head of Civil Defense, Rodrigo Goncálvez.

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