A 33-year-old man dies after being hit on the Torreón-San Pedro highway

Vehicle driver dies after suffering an accident on the Torreón-San Pedro highway; The woman who accompanied him is hospitalized.

According to the first reports, the road mishap happened during the first minutes of this Saturday on the Torreón-San Pedro highway, in the Plaza Comercial Aurora. In the lanes that lead from San Pedro to Torreón.

It was detailed that Daniel O-young Kim, driver of a recent model red compact car, was driving along the Torreón-San Pedro highway and, upon reaching the height of the vehicular bridge that is located in front of Plaza Aurora, he was hit head-on into the concrete containment, causing the car to catch fire.

Witnesses to the accident called 911 for help, elements of the Fire Department attended the scene, who with the support of a rapid attack machine suffocated the fire concentrated in the front part of the car.

While Red Cross paramedics provided medical attention to Daniel, 33 years old, as well as the woman who accompanied him, identified as Sun Pank, 44 years old. Both had multiple injuries and some burns, which is why they were transferred to a private hospital in the city, where they remained under specialized medical observation.

Hours after his arrival at the medical center, despite the efforts of the staff, Daniel, of Korean origin, lost his life. The agent of the Public Ministry was notified of the death.

The body of the driver was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for the practice of necropsy; He will later be handed over to his relatives for burial.

The vehicle in which he was traveling, the now deceased and the injured woman, was declared a “total loss”.

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