A 3-year-old boy fell into a latrine and his mother jumped into the well to save him

A woman jumped into a well and managed to save the life of her son, a 3-year-old boy, who had fallen into a latrine approximately ten meters deep, but which did not contain a large quantity of liquids, which, in some way, facilitated way, the rescue of the mother.

The incident occurred in the area of ​​Puerto Torres, in the city of Santo Tomé, where the little boy fell into the aforementioned well and, noticing the situation, his mother threw herself to prevent the child from drowning.

As reported by the Santo Tomé Online portal, residents of the place notified the local 2nd Police Station and, immediately, the troops appeared at the scene and helped to rescue both the mother and the minor.

Meanwhile, it was indicated that the uniformed men had the help of the neighbors and used a metal ladder to first remove the child from the well and then the woman, who held her son with her hands up to prevent him from reaching the water, after which both were taken to the local hospital.

As it was known, the fact was accidental, since the boy played in that sector of the house where he ended up falling into the well and his mother, realizing what happened, immediately threw herself to rescue him. /Telephenonews

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