8 infections were confirmed and Bahía exceeded 50 active after 15 days

The Municipality of Bahía Blanca reported 8 new COVID-19 infections and 4 recoveries this morning, on the sixth consecutive day without a report of deaths.

Since the pandemic began, 45,776 cases have been confirmed in the city, of which 51 remain active, 44,831 have recovered and 894 have died.

Bahía today exceeded 50 active after 15 days, although the daily average of infections in the last two weeks fell to 9.

Regarding the hospital situation, this morning there was an occupancy of 44.3%, with 35 beds out of 79 occupied and no hospitalized patients with confirmed COVID-19 – only two suspected cases -, according to the Provincial Bed Management System .

At this point, it is worth noting that the city has been without interns with a confirmed diagnosis of coronavirus in this critical sector for a week.

Since the change in the phase system, Bahia is in the “general”, which has more activities allowed than the other current instance, called “reserve phase”, applied in case of epidemiological alarm.

To go from the general phase to the reserve phase, the city – or any other agglomerate with more than 300,000 people – must have more than 80% of the intensive care beds occupied and also a percentage variation 20% higher than the previous week in hospitalizations in intensive care.

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