63 thousand doses of narcotics were destroyed

MEXICO CITY.- The first narcotics incineration process 2022 in coordination with the Attorney General of Mexico City (FGJ), in coordination with the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena), this with narcotics that have been seized.

This process of destroying narcotics was carried out in Military Camp Number 37-A, in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacan, in which an approximate of 63 thousand 613,601 doses of substances with cannabis, cocaine or methamphetaminesthese same ones that were part of the signs of 54 preliminary investigations and 440 investigation folders.

In relation to the research folders, it was possible to incinerate 42 thousand 923,131 doses of cannabis, 6 thousand 558,600 of cocaine, 528,400 of methamphetamine and 241,250 of other narcotics, which is equivalent to a total of 50 thousand 251,381 doses.

Regarding the preliminary investigations, 11,490,721 doses correspond to cannabis, 1,754,500 to cocaine, 50 to methamphetamines and 67 to other types of narcotics, which is equivalent to a total of 13,362,220 doses.

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