31 years after the first ascent "Pirate"

“Welcome Belgrano, the missing hero.” This was the title of the most important sports magazine in Argentina at that time.

happened on July 28, 1991. Belgrano was finally promoted to the First Division. That day he collected the debt that fate owed him. That long-awaited day had finally arrived. Since the implementation of Nacional B in 1986, Belgrano had struggled (unsuccessfully) to reach the top flight of national football. After 48 games (23 wins, 15 draws and 10 losses), three technical directors (Carlos Biasutto, Norberto Alonso and Jorge Guyón) and the hope of years intact, The most popular team in Córdoba committed an act of justice and achieved the long-awaited promotion.

That fourth Sunday of July, after having played the first leg in the south of Buenos Aires (a 1-1 draw), Belgrano received Banfield in a Chateau Carreras stadium that looked packed, with a record call for the now Kempes Stadium. Years of frustration were about to be left behind: the sky-blue fans, since the enactment of Law 1309, saw how the other Cordovan teams competed in AFA, while their team disputed devalued championships in the Cordovan League.

The line-up for that afternoon was: Javier Sodero; Angel Cortés, José Flores, Enrique Nieto and Marcelo Flores; Roberto Monserrat, Lucio Alonso, Victor Heredia and Luis Ernesto Sosa; Gustavo Spallina and Omar Herrera. The DT: the Wild Boar Guyon.

That day, due to an injury, he could not play Julio Cesar VillagraHowever, it would be unfair not to name “Chacha”, a fundamental piece of the promotion campaign.

After a decade wearing the light blue, playing Cordovan, Provincial, Regional and B National League Tournaments, the “chacha” He was one of the drivers of the Pirata to the First Division.

The final 4-0 ruled that the wait was over. Two goals from Alonsoplus the many of blacksmith Y Montserrat they unleashed the festivities in all the places where there was a pirate present.

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