22 years have passed since the death of Rodrigo "the colt"

Rodrigo “El Potro” Good was born on May 24, 1973 and died at the age of 27 on June 24, 2000, on top of success.

The artist was triumphing in Buenos Aires and had led the quartet to national projection. Singer and showman, he popularized the Cordovan rhythm and took it to the top of Argentine music and festivals.

The day before his death, Rodrigo participated in the television interview program “La Biblia y el Calefón” on Channel 13, hosted by Jorge Guinzburg. That was his last appearance on television.

20 years after Rodrigo’s death, watch his last recording, hours before the accident

His prompt death surprised him on the Argentine routes, at night, when he was moving from one show to another in his red Ford Explorer truck. His partner was traveling with him. Patricia Pacheco and her 4-year-old son Ramiro who came out unharmed. They also accompanied him Fernando Olmedo (son of the capocomico Alberto Olmedo) who died in the accident. In addition, they traveled musician Jorge Moreno and radio host Alberto Pereyrawho suffered some injuries.

That June 24, after performing in a show at the Escándalo bowling alley in La Plata, Rodrigo was driving his vehicle down the Buenos Aires-La Plata Highway. Suddenly, there was a confused situation between him and a car that had passed him. In the other vehicle the driver was Alfredo Pesquera. Rodrigo’s shot went against the guardrail and since he was not wearing a seat belt, he was thrown and died instantly. Pesquera went to trial for manslaughter but was acquitted.

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His first steps in music

Good Rodrigo he was the son of Eduardo “Pichín” Bueno and Beatriz Olavehis popularity was so great that he is one of the first figures to have his recognition in the Paseo del Cuarteto in Buen Pastor.

His first public appearance was at the age of two, in a television program called “Fiesta del Cuarteto”, and it was Juan Carlos Jiménez, “la Mona”, who brought him up on stage. At the age of 5 he recorded an album of children’s songs produced by his father and entitled Disco Baby. At 11 he had his debut with the group Chébere, and at 12 he left Colegio Lasalle and joined Manto Negro, in which he sang until he was 17.

He then decided to embark on a solo career. His first record “The picture of your body”, It was released in 1987 and is named after a song composed by Rodrigo when he was just 15 years old.

In the last year of his life his career took him to travel all over the country. In 2000 he gave 49 concerts along the Atlantic coast in nine days. He wrote the famous song “Hand of God” dedicated to Diego Maradona; and had filled 13 Luna Parks with the tour that began at the Teatro Astral after the 1999 recording of A 2000, which went quadruple platinum.

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Despite his successful musical career, Rodrigo planned his retirement. At the age of 27, he received death threats: he said that they sent him a bullet with his name engraved on it and that he had exhausted himself. By then, he was planning a tour of several Latin American countries, retiring from touring with a concert in Miami, and dedicating himself to producing music. But death surprised him before his time.

El Potro Rodrigo Bueno – Recital CM complete live 2000

After his death, his success continues. His songs are not lacking in any big or small event. The Magenta Records label released two albums after his death: Tribute (which sold 150 thousand copies) and greatest hits (with 250 thousand units sold), which sold out.

in life, El Potro Rodrigo sold approximately 9 million records.

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